Wetlands Flagging

This a unique service offered by Cramer Consulting Group in that we provide the boundary delineation of both tidal and freshwater wetlands on or adjacent to your property.  There are a number of maps that identify the potential of wetlands that are published by various regulatory agencies; however, all of the agencies require that wetlands be identified on site to establish the exact boundary of the resource.  All setbacks and permitting is determined from this boundary and, therefore, its exact location is extremely important with regard to what you can do with your property.

The wetlands boundary is determined by means of the staff’s knowledge and expertise of the various natural and physical resources on the site.  These resources include vegetation type, soil type and condition, as well as depth to groundwater, and/or tidal influence.  Cramer Consulting Group has the skill to provide an accurate boundary that is usually accepted by the review agencies without question.  We are able to provide this service in a timely manner so that you may have a full knowledge of any ramifications that may affect the use of your property.

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