Subdivisions and Land Divisions

Subdivisions and land divisions require approvals from a number of agencies including the local municipalities and the health department.  A subdivision is usually defined as a division of land that includes the creation of a public road and land divisions are, as the name implies, a division of land along existing roads.  There are a number of forms of subdivisions and land divisions.  These could include clustering where the yield for the particular zoning is established and that yield is put on smaller lots allowing for areas to be preserved.  For example, if a 100-acre parcel would yield 80 homes (plus roads, drainage, etc.) and those 80 homes are then designed to fit on 50 acres of the site, then 50 acres would be left natural.  Likewise, land divisions and subdivisions could require variances if the proposed layout does not meet all the zoning requirements of a particular zoning district.

In addition, lands may be encumbered by other considerations such as wetlands, steep slopes, cultural resources, etc.  All must be taken into consideration during a subdivision or land division, and may require additional permits and approvals.

Subdivisions and land divisions are unique for each parcel and require approvals from a number of agencies.  Cramer Consulting Group are experts on obtaining the maximum yield for your property and moving it through the regulatory system in an expedient manner.