Cramer Consulting Group handles all sorts of applications for building permits: both residential and commercial, new construction, additions to existing structures, etc., for all municipalities on Long Island requiring building permits for structures.  The definition, as well as the requirements, for structures may vary from municipality to municipality, therefore, it is necessary to have an experienced team familiar with the codes and regulations, as well as the personnel, of the various towns and villages on Long Island.  Cramer Consulting Group is well known throughout Long Island as an experienced and knowledgeable firm that supports its clients through the maze of regulations and red tape.

Cramer Consulting Group has experienced, knowledgeable expediters on staff to personally handle your permitting needs.  Cramer Consulting Group usually restricts our permitting activities to the Townships of Brookhaven, Southampton, Riverhead, Southold, Smithtown and Islip, as well as all the Incorporated Villages within those townships.  However, upon request, we also handle other areas on Long Island for our clients.

Many times the permits require additional approvals under other agencies or regulations of the various municipalities.  Cramer Consulting Group is experienced in all levels and types of permitting.  Please see our other sections for additional details.

For more information please contact us at 631-476-0984 or fill out the request for information form by clicking here.