Health Department

Cramer Consulting Group works extremely closely with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS).  Long Island is considered a sole source aquifer which means that all of our drinking water comes from the aquifer (groundwater) that is contained in the soils that exist under the island.  Therefore, any water or other material that is disposed of on the island eventually enters the aquifer.  The SCDHS is responsible for regulating and controlling what and how waste is disposed of on Long Island.  A major responsibility of the SCDHS is the disposal of wastewater.  The SCDHS has various standards that include the design of disposal systems and the amount of wastewater that can be discharged from a particular site.  Cramer Consulting Group is thoroughly familiar with their rules and regulations and can design your project to address the various health department regulations.  Cramer Consulting Group handles all residential and commercial applications from a single-family house to a large subdivision or significant commercial or industrial site.

In recent years, the use of transfer of development rights (TDRs) and Pine Barrens Credits (PBCs) has been extensive as part of health department applications in order to increase the size and density of a project on a particular site.  Cramer Consulting Group handles many TDR and PBC applications for its clients.  Cramer Consulting Group is thoroughly familiar with the various programs, sources of development rights, and the permitting procedure for the use of these resources.

In addition to wastewater management projects, Cramer Consulting Group also has an extensive background in food service permits and the requirements in obtaining the necessary approvals.

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