Expert Witness

Cramer Consulting Group, in particular, Thomas W. Cramer, a registered landscape architect, is recognized as a planning and environmental expert on the federal, state and local levels.  This designation is extremely important in providing testimony and creating the record during any public hearing associated with an application.  The record created at the public hearing is what the regulatory agency must rely on in making their decision.  An expert creating the record can only be refuted by another expert, which in most cases are non-existent at public hearings.

In addition, if there are legal challenges brought, the courts rely solely on the record and the testimony presented by the experts.  Thomas W. Cramer has been accepted as an expert in planning and environmental matters in local, state and federal courts.  This is a designation that few professionals on Long Island can claim.

Any of the services that Cramer Consulting Group provides you with also include this unique designation that will help to guarantee the success of your project.

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