Erosion and Sediment Control (SWPPP)

Within the past several years the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted regulations to protect the nation’s waterways from erosion and sedimentation.  Such pollution has been determined to be one of the most serious threats to the waterways of the nation.  The EPA has delegated the regulation and enforcement of this law to the states.  New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation has in turn delegated the ability to regulate stormwater erosion and sediment control to the local municipalities.  Many of these municipalities have developed their own regulations, sometimes more stringent than the state’s, to protect their waterways.

The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, more commonly referred to as SWPPP (pronounced “swip”), is the document that is required to be prepared to address the potential of stormwater entering a waterway of New York State.  Only certain licensed professionals are allowed to prepare these documents.  Cramer Consulting Group is one firm that has a great deal of experience in preparing and administrating these documents.

In many cases, a full SWPPP may not be necessary based on the rules and regulations of the municipality.  Cramer Consulting Group will assess your situation and determine the most expedient and appropriate course of action to address the need and extent of services to comply with the various rules and regulations.

Depending on the scope and the location and type of project you are proposing, inspections may be mandated by both state and local law.  Cramer Consulting Group has the staff to provide such inspections and to provide the necessary monitoring and recording under the rules and regulations.

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