Certifying Structures

A certificate is required by municipalities, as well as lending institutions, to demonstrate that a structure on your property has been “certified” and that it meets the relevant regulations of the municipality.  These certificates exist in a number of forms which include, but are not limited to, certificates of occupancy (commonly referred to as a CO) that demonstrate that a structure has been built in accordance with the various building codes and zoning regulations of the municipality.  There are other certificates [Certificate of Existing Use (CEU) and Certificate of Zoning Compliance (CZC)] that for the most part demonstrate that the structure was constructed prior to the relevant building or zoning requirements.  These are quite commonly found with regard to older structures.

Cramer Consulting Group has the experience and knowledge to assist you through the process of obtaining the certificates necessary for your structure.  If you have retained our services for obtaining a building permit this process is usually included in our proposals; however, many times the structures may have been built without the appropriate permits.  Cramer Consulting Group is able to assist you in recreating all the information that is necessary to bring you through the permit process in order to obtain a CO.

With regard to structures that have built prior to building and zoning requirements, Cramer Consulting Group has a wealth of information in order to demonstrate the existence of the structure prior to regulations and the knowledge on where and how to find documentation acceptable to the municipality to justify your case.

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