About Us

During the more than 20 years in the land use field, Mr. Cramer’s professional reputation has been built on honesty, integrity and dedicated service. Through the years, government agencies, businesses, and professionals, as well as the average home owner, have come to rely on and trust their lands and futures to Thomas W. Cramer. Cramer Consulting Group (CCG) has been established with the principal’s values and reputation as the company’s cornerstone.

A comprehensive approach to land development is essential for a project to be of value to the client, the community and the environment. CCG provides a sensitivity and knowledge of all the issues, including government regulations, natural & cultural resources, and economics, while all the time taking into consideration the client’s needs and wants.

The Approval Process

The review and approval process is often difficult and confusing to persons unfamiliar with it. CCG has dealt with it from both sides. We know the questions to ask, and where and how to find the answers. From analysis of the site conditions to identifying the applicable zoning and other land use restrictions, CCG can guide you through the regulatory maze. Projects are designed which mitigate the potential impacts, address the regulations, and work for the client. With the knowledge of the system and the technical background, the time necessary to get through the process is significantly reduced.

A Company Built on Reputation

Thomas W Cramer is the principal of CCG. He has been the Commissioner of Planning, Environment & Development in the Town of Brookhaven as well as the Director of Environmental Protection. He has shepherded the largest town in New York State through two major land use plans; the most recent was authored solely by his department. The entire department was revamped under his direction. He was also a principal in the firm of Cramer, Voorhis & Associates, a planning and environmental consulting firm. Mr. Cramer has sat on many state, county, and local boards dealing with land use issues. He is a licensed landscape architect with the State of New York.